Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photos from visit to the Motherland

Oh boy, do I have the photos to post here.
Breaking it up into pieces, we'll start with a few from Easter weekend which included a birthday party for Willa and MaKenna.
First up, Benjamin and Henry, hanging out.

Over here, we have my dad and Willa:

Grandpa (Grandma pictures for another post) and Henry:

A second later, a crack could be heard; we did not eat those eggs:

Here are all the yahoos:

The littlest yahoos:

Willa either admiring her cousin or thinking about "one. million. dollars..."

MaKenna cracking Henry up:

It was a great visit. These cousins are going to keep us grown ups on our toes.


Kerri said...

Fabulous photos!

AmyinMotown said...

Adorable! How is your sister doing?

Keri said...

Great pictures! Looks like wonderful family time. Also, I love the "one million dollars" photo and caption. :-)