Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I found the missing sippy cup

Yesterday Henry and I were playing on the floor in the living room. I watched him as he stood up, went to the bookcase, and slid open one of the doors. He pulled out a sippy cup, took a long drink, put it back in the bookcase, slid the door shut again, and rejoined me.

a) so glad it was water, and not day(s?) old milk
b) cup was immediately taken for washing


AmyinMotown said...

If at some point it IS milk, Maggie twice grabbed an old sippy from the floor of her room and drak milk from it. Once it was the same as the clean sippy she'd had earlier. Once, when shewa a little older, she announced to me that she'd drank some old milk and "it tasteded like a BARN ANIMAL." So I have already done the frantic Googling for you, and I can tell you: tummyache, maybe a loose stool. Nothing too horrible.

apt said...

Barn animal?! My hand is over my mouth. I'm laughing at the "ewww-ness." Glad she came out of it okay. Thanks for the heads up for what will probably happen in the future.

apt said...

Best Henry Story online yet!
-Mr. Sinki