Thursday, January 07, 2010

What's that saying about common sense?

A week before Christmas, Willa decided it would be a good idea to pick Henry up and carry him up the stairs. Due to the fact that Henry is too big for her to carry anywhere, let alone up stairs (and particularly when she is wearing a princess dress made of slippery fabric) the trip up the stairs was unsuccessful and ended with blood (hers) and tears (both of them).

Interviews of all parties concerned resulted in a hypothesis that Henry kind of surfed down the stairs, using Willa as a board.

We had friends over at the time and weren't paying very close attention. I'm still kicking myself and Jim and I are haunted by the "what ifs" that follow any accident.

Willa took some stair treads to the nose and mouth, and had a scab that unfortunately earned her the brief nickname of Rudolf at Christmas time. After I knew she was all right, and was icing her wounds, I'm going to confess to you folks: I thought of all of the Christmas photos that were to come, and gave up any thought of still catching a moment for a holiday card photo.

Childhood comes with a certain amount of bumps and scrapes, and frankly, I'm putting it in the win column that we haven't had an ER visit yet.

A few nights ago, I was up early with Henry (still going through holiday-related sleep disruption). I was watching a news show while he nursed. There was a story about a mom who was angry - like"feel my wrath and see my veins bulging" angry - because her daughter has had to have two unplanned hair trims since Christmas. It seems the young Miss cuddled her zhu zhu pet too closely, and her locks got swept up but the motorized wheels. Mom was demanding a recall. The newscaster managed to get the phrase "when the maker of zhu zhu pets were contacted, their statement was parents should instruct their children on the proper use of this toy." I've even read that there is a warning label on the packaging. And here's how I know this mom is a real thinker: the first haircut came the morning after her daughter slept with her new toy. The second haircut? The next morning when her daughter slept with it - again.

Willa proudly told the stranger in the Kohls bathroom, "I protected my brother when we fell down the stairs," when the stranger asked, "what happened to your pretty face?"* Because it was her actions that caused the accident, I wouldn't let her collect any medal of bravery. On the other hand, I take equal blame because I wasn't aware of what was going on.

So, the next time I see my daughter pick up her brother near stairs? I'll stop her. And I probably won't call the local news to come broadcast how my own lack of common sense caused injury to my children.

*hey, if you don't know a kid, don't ask them about an injury. Willa was in tears one night because people she didn't know kept asking her.


Anonymous said...

Bumps and grinds of new parenting with two kids. Chalk it up to no serious injuries and learn by the oversight. You are still a good and loving parent.

Maribeth said...

If you had set up a sledding ramp for the kids on the stairs, then you could blame yourself. But you didn't and what happen was an accident. Don't beat yourself up over it.