Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sunday family adventure

On Sunday morning, the Sinkis were running in slow motion. We got up, and dressed for church. We left the house for our 8 minute drive, 5 minutes after the service started. Taking into account parking downtown and getting Willa settled in her classroom... well, the Sinkis looked very nice driving about town trying to find something to do at 11 am. Nothing opens until noon, we found. So, back home we went, to change and put Henry down for his nap.
After he woke up, two Sinkis went ice skating while the other two watched. Check out Willa in her new skates:

I was so, so proud of both Willa and Jim. Even though she and I talked about the realities of skating (you ARE going to fall. But then you just get up...) ahead of time, she was not enjoying the first experience. Until daddy took her out on the ice and tried, and tried and tried... and tried. He was so patient. And finally, they went around the rink - her not ready to let go of the crutch - and they were both smiling.

I have a video to share. But before I invest too much time and pass my cursing quota of the day, do any pals out there have a quick and easy video sharing/posting suggestion?

Right from the rink, we went to the Gardens:

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