Friday, October 05, 2007

Can't enjoy cider in shorts

It's October. It's 80 degrees.
I'm enjoying the extended garden season. Our late start watermellon might have a chance. Our beans are awesome.
We have strawberries.
I'm pretty sure we're doomed as far as the whole global warming thing goes.


Anonymous said...

Your getting that feeling too, huh? I'm thinking one day we'll be having Christmas in shorts.. ~B

AmyinMotown said...

I've been walking around going "we are SO screwed."

And very cranky since I hate hot weather, hate it more (and can hardly bear it physically) when I am pregnant, and when it's fall??? My favorite season? And it;s being snatched away from me and replaced with %*^$@ AUGUST which we have BEEN THROUGH ALREADY, THANKS? So crabby.

Although I remember last year it was like in the 40s and snowing around this time. Which doesn't disprove global warming, but I remember it because my anniversary is Sunday and I remember Paul asking me last year "How freaked out would you be if this were six years ago?" But I think I would have been less freaked out by snow than subtropical temmperatures. At least heatstroke wuld not have been a concern.