Tuesday, October 02, 2007

frying pan... fire

Willa does not have croup, and her coughing has been less violent since Saturday. I suspect it was a cold with a side order of stomach bug...
We went to Battle Creek for Jim's work on Saturday, and tagged on a trip to Binder Park. It was a great trip, and the park/zoo is pretty cool. Willa got a cracker to feed the giraffe. I guess I should have explained to her that it wasn't for her, because when that 16 inch black slimy tongue reached out and took it from her hand, she had a melt down.
While at the zoo Jim started feeling bad, and blamed it on a bad choice of Burger King's breakfast. On the way home, I got to hear my husband toss his cookies for the first time. At 2:30 Sunday morning I started. The stomach flu hit us, and then kicked us, and then spit in our faces. I was out of bed for a total of 20 minutes yesterday.
Today everyone is back to day care/work, but still feeling kind of dazed and sore.


Beth said...

oh nooooooo!
Ignorant non-parent question here...is having a child also synonymous with getting sick more often? It seems like you guys pass around bugs a lot. :-(

JT said...


I don't think I got sick for five years before having Willa. I think have been sick an average of every other month since her birth!

apt said...

Little kids are like free public transportation for germs.
I'm sure other families are more fortunate and others less, in the health department.
I'm counting on this building all of our immunity. Here's to 100% attendance in elementary school.