Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moved by spirits

Our church celebrated la dia de los muertos (for a primer on "The Day of the Dead" click here) on Sunday. After the mariachi band played*, and during "quiet reflection and prayer" Willa decided to show delayed gratitude for the music by yelling "YAY" and clapping. An 18 month old's "YAY" resounds exceptionally well in a 150 year old sanctuary.

*I love attending a church that lets me type "after the mariachi band played"...

Thanks to Amy in Motown for inspiring me to remember to share this here. See the story of her three year old singing angel here.


AmyinMotown said...

One of our friends has an almost-two-year old that did the same thing after a especially rousing performance by the choir. It was adorable--everybody around us laughed. At least they appreciate it, you know? :-)

Anonymous said...

Casey always "sings" at church. The people who sit around us are used to it now, but if people who aren't used to it sit around us, at the first song they turn around and laugh. He also likes to direct the cantor and pianist.