Wednesday, October 17, 2007

... not as fluffy as normal

I walked in to Willa's room and the afternoon care provider jumped up to get a paper. She did this the day before and I had to sign for the knowledge that Willa bit one of her friends:
Willa was playing with a ball. Her friend tried to take it. Willa bit her friend. I told her that biting friends isn't nice.
Uh-oh, I thought.
Instead, this is what I got.
"Willa did something funny today."
I eye my daughter suspiciously, she's in her backup outfit. Did she paint herself? Pour milk all over her front?
"She took off her own diaper. I went to pick her up and her bottom was really wet, and not as fluffy as normal. And then I noticed that one leg was a lot thicker than the other. She took off her diaper and stuffed it down the leg of her pants."
I am still trying to figure out the logistics of this. She was in a one piece romper that snaps around the legs (my delicate way to avoid the word crotch- oops). So... how did she undo her own diaper and then stuff it down a leg? The world may never know.


Anonymous said...

children's imaginations are unlimited....

Beth said...

I hope no one ever tells me I have a fluffy bottom.