Thursday, September 25, 2008

We stopped at 6

Willa and I were sitting on the couch eating popcorn last night.

"Doonnnn't eat da seeds. Dey hurt your teeth."
"That's right. No seeds."
"Dey hurt my belly too. And my two babies."
"Seeds hurt your belly? You're right, you shouldn't eat them."
"Uh- huhhhhh... seeds hurt my three babies."
"You have THREE babies in your belly now? Let's count them."

"Otay...." she lifts her shirt and points to her belly, "one... two... free... four. Four babies in Willa's belly."
"Wow. You have four babies? Mama has one baby in her belly."
"Willa's baby brudder. Willa has FIVE babies."
"That's a lot of babies. Are you done with your popcorn?"
"Ummmmm.... no. Don't eat da seeds. Dey hurt Willa's six babies in da belly."

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Keri said...

Well, she sounds like a very good counter at least!