Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 days w/ Henry

I have been mighty quiet here, but there's not a whole lot of text to be had from my days. Like Henry and other newborns, I've been eating and sleeping. He and I have been spending a lot of quiet time together: staring at each other, cooing at each other, grasping on to fingers... He is a good baby. He cries when he needs something, and stops when he gets it. His - and my - favorite napping position is with his head wedged under my chin, his wispy near black hair brushing my lips.

This mom with one newborn experience is feeling much more confident and relaxed this time around.

He had a doctor's check-up today; he's gained an inch in length and 8 oz. He's molting right now, and his cord is just starting to show signs of jumping ship.

Jim is in love with his son.

Willa was reported to have lifted her shirt in order to feed one of the dolls at school today. We all knew that was coming, eh?

A final note for the day: I'm wearing jeans that I wore prepregnancy.


Kerri said...

It sounds like all is fabulous in the Sinki household.

AmyinMotown said...

Wow! COULD things be going better?

I did really feel so much more confident with a newborn with Will also, and found I enjoyed it a lot more because I know how fleeting that sweet little stage is. Now I am watching him attempt to crawl and cracking up because he just gets so PISSED when he can't figure it out and wondering where my newborn went!

Have fun, new mama -- I was just thinking about you this morning and hoping all was well.

**Danielle** said...

Aww, Willa :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for prepregnancy jeans!!

Isn't great when Henry is in your arms, all your anxiety melts away and all is right in the world. The second one was a nicer experience because you already know what you are doing, and you already know (kind of) what to expect (each baby is a little different).

Congradulations, again! Enjoy because it seems to go faster for the second too :(

Erin said...

10 day pp and in the pre jeans!! good job lady!!!

Christina said...

Great news!!! Glad everything is going well.