Thursday, October 09, 2008

Good stuff

I did not share here, but my cervix, that wonderful plug to the baby's swimming pool is starting to get itself ready. I am 3 and a half(ish) cm dilated. For those of you who aren't savvy in the birth process, you push when you get to 10. This means I'm 1/3 of the way there!

My evaluation was today; it was fair, I did well. I am relieved.

I am starting to come out of the triage state of "holy crap - this baby could come this week." I am headed for calmer pastures now that fear has forced me to get so much done at work and at home.

If I get through tomorrow at work, I'll be very happy. If I get through Saturday just hanging with Jim and Willa, I'll consider myself very lucky.

I know a lot of moms of more than one can relate and have written about this, but I'm getting sentimental about the time left as a family of 3. Last night I cried at Noodles and Company when I talked about wanting to get some more quality time in with the other 2/3 of the Sinkis.

Excessive swelling and emotional imbalance will be cured by birth.


AmyinMotown said...

I'm glad you're doing well! I was a nervous wreck for you what with the pre-e symptoms. And I SO hear you on feeling sentimental about the remaining time as a family of three. My last night before going to the hospital, I was teary and wanted to sleep in Maggie's room with her that night, I was so sad. It was a tough adjustment and I still feel overwhelmed like a LOT of the time --however! They are starting to really like each other! Will cries and Maggie is the first one over to him! She loves to make him giggle! He smiles for her like for no one else, he LOVES her.

I'm thinking "oh, right, THIS was one of the major reasons for having a second!" It just warms my heart like nothing else to see them interacting.

Be ready to give yourself some space to mourn your one on one with Willa; I had a very hard time with that. But the payoff is huge, to see your children developing their own relationship. And if you are someone who doesn't love the newborn stage, I found it so much easier to just take in stride this time. And even enjoy.

It was hard to give up my relationship with Maggie as my only, but now that Will is here it just feels like there was a Will-shaped hole in out family I didn't even know was there until he came. And now when I think back on the times before he was born, I don't feel sentimental about OH the days of just one, I feel like our family was incomplete. (although I do wonder what I thought was so hard about just one baby!!)

Very excited, and hoping to be "on the list" to hear about the new guy ASAP.

Anonymous said...

After having and additional one for 14 months, I still miss being three. Sometimes I still favor the first one, but I think that's normal. I've known him longer.;)

Christina said...

Aww. That made me tear up a little. I know the exact thing you are describing.

Jana said...

Good luck!!!

**Danielle** said...

I think we really are having the same pregnancy!! I'm at a 2, losing the mucous plug and getting a little teary that this could really happen any day now. I'm gonna miss Momma-and-Braden time and am feeling a bit guilty b/c he's been such a toddler lately (as in, spending lots of time in time-out). On the other hand, I am READY. :)