Thursday, April 23, 2009

For my GR peeps

Jim and I were discussing this in the car on the way to having 2 of his teeth removed.

I'm just glad they didn't send out press releases a week ago. The media only had a day and speculated all sorts of things. Did anyone else have dejavu of Suzanne Geha hyperventilating because she was so excited about the BIG development downtown? Remember last year's River Grand development on the public works land? Anyhow... some of the guesses were way cooler than what's actually happening. Or maybe the actual event will be a lot more exciting than it looks to be in print.

"We should do that!"
"We should put out a press release that an event will be coming in a year and that it will change the face of Grand Rapids forever. And wait to see what the media and public speculate. We'll choose the best idea and try to get financial backing..."

Pals, the conversation on the way home was even less amusing. Poor post sedation Jim asked me five times if I had met the doctor and if he said things went well. Patient is resting comfortably in bed now. I need to go make him some scrambled eggs.


Keri said...

Scrambled eggs topped with salsa and cheese -- I lived off of it for a week after I had my wisdom teeth pulled.

And I absolutely had deja vu with this big announcement. Ahh... the big Mystery Project. Whatever happened to that anyway?

Kerri said...

I kinda thought in the back of my head that whatever it was that was coming to GR to "change the face forever" was going to be over-hyped lameness. I see a pattern you said, this isn't the first or even the second time the media has gone nuts with a bunch of nothing.