Friday, June 29, 2007

Twilight on bikes, downtown

Last night the three of us wound our way through downtown Grand Rapids on bike trails and riverwalks. We didn't get started until 8, and returned to the parked car at 10.

Some highlights:
Willa yelling "DUK" and pointing at the ducks resting at the Riverside park boat launch.

The playground near the 6th street bridge. Freaking Willa out with the sound tubes - she could hear me whispering, even though I was 20 feet away. Her fearlessness on the slides - even the big kid slide.

The men fishing who were really interested in Willa's bike trailer. "Where did you get that thing?!" Even though they had to move their camping chairs and fishing poles for us to get through.

Willa's eyes and mouth nearly the same enormous size while she sat next to the Ford Museum water fountain. When that excitement died down, we started to put her back in the trailer, and then a horse-drawn carriage went right past us. And when that moment passed, the spouting fountain came on. It was one "WOW" after another for Willa.

The pink/orange/dusty gray sunset reflecting in the river. Taking it's time to fade.

Following smiling and pointing Willa and Jim's mighty fine tush.

Doing a ridiculous dance (with plastic blue maraca) outside of the car to keep Willa from crying while Jim was putting the bikes on the car. And then noticing that that blue car 10 feet away had some teenagers in the front seat smoking pot.

Going to bed knowing that I had done my part that day to lose the one pound this week. And glad that we live very close to an increasingly lively downtown. And content that our daughter is so happily curious, and that my life partner, who brought me a very small bit of ice cream to celebrate our day, has my back.

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