Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vacation, part 2 Higgens Lake and the In-law cookout

Up-north bath with MaKenna doing hair. HEY - Willa's shirt is off and her hair is wet. These are the 2 must haves in MaKenna's book for a party (see March 9 post here).

Willie and the boys. Can you see the duck and dolphin on springs over Brian's shoulder? Apparently perilous to those with testicles.

Willa and Grandma P. playing at Higgen's Lake.

Willa and Grandpa T. pool side. Yes, Willa has a whole other side of the family that I don't write about much here. Not that they're uninvolved. We see them just about every week. Note to self: do a better job recording T. visits too. Note Willa's jumper, handmade by Grandma P.

And finally, one more Mackinac photo:

Would have been so nice, if it weren't for that booger.


Anonymous said...

Hey.. boogers are for picking.. ~B

Em said...

Thank heavens you just made me laugh.