Friday, October 19, 2007

I love a rainy night

Last night we were at a visitation for Jim's sister's husband's mom. We were all standing around the outside of the Howard City church watching the skies saying things like, "looks like it went right past us." Inside, I was thinking where one would hide from a tornado in Howard City.

Hours later, Jim and I were enjoying some quiet reading time. I heard Willa starting to stir and cry just a little. I went to her crib, and she was sitting up, watching the lightening through the window. Her brow was almost touching her nose, she was so concerned. "Woah." I laid her down and said it was a thunderstorm and she was okay. "Woah, mama, woah." Seconds later she was back to sleep, snuggling her stuffed bunny.

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Christina said...

How cute! At least she won't be scared of the thunder. Our dog, Mufasa, is incredibly scared when it thunders and Maria and I console him that it is "just thunder". I hope she is absorbing that as well.