Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Again with the cooking?

The wedding of the year is now17 days away. Bill and Jackie are probably up to their ears in teeny final details, send out vibes of peace and productivity to them.

Bagels and apple crisp were made in the cocina de sinki. Is it weird to feel empowerd that I can make bagels at home? Spending time cooking has been centering for me. Slicing apples last night was like a meditation of repetitive motion. The slisss of steel through apple and klnk of apple hitting bowl... so natural, so small, but so satisfying.

My job has been a lot like driving on an icy parking lot. I'm not sure where I'm going, and I don't feel like I'm really in control.

Making meals and treats for my family is so productive and finite, and rewarding. Winter and a quest for direction has me standing over our in the middle of rehab sink. And that's where I'm comfortable this week.

In non-domestic news, we've been watching Heroes for 2 years now. Anyone else? Want to discuss the end of season 2?


Jackie said...

Lots to say here!!

LOVE HEROS!!!!! Lets talk! Peter is gonna FREAK!

As for the wedding stressed is more like it!

I hope there could be a GR trip to see little Abner ASAP!


Amanda said...

Ugh! I NEED to make apple crisp, I have tons of apples that are going to rot! Thanks for the reminder!