Wednesday, December 19, 2007

bad influence

On the phone with Jim just now (in my final 15 minute before vacation stretch)...

"What is she listening to?"
"Uh... um... Barney."
"Well, we got home from the store, and I turned the tv on while I was unpacking the groceries and she saw him and..."
"You know, every bonus point you earned from grocery shopping is out the door."
"Well, it's not like she'll be getting a lot of Barney."
"That's like saying it's just a little crack."

Here we go folks, over the river and through mid-Michigan...
look for updates from the front.


Amanda said...

I can't stand Barney!

Anonymous said...

Purple is a nice color :)

AmyinMotown said...

"It's only a little crack" -- funny! Have a safe trip--and I responded to your email. Hopefully we can meet up while yo're over here!