Saturday, December 22, 2007

The term bittersweet was invented for days like this.

My brother Bill is a married man. He was sweetly sincere at the ceremony. Goofy with his groomsmen. Gentle while touching the elbow of his new wife. Jackie, my new sister, was breathtakingly beautiful. And nervous (at first). And so very happy.

My brother and his wife had a nice ceremony, and then the wedding party drove to Detroit landmarks for pictures: Comerica Park, Campus Martius (they got to get some photos on the zamboni).

The reception hall was beautiful, and there was so much joy and anticipation in the room. I was at the table with my parents and grandparents as the newlyweds were being introduced as "Mr and Mrs. William (their last name - top secret)." People stood clapping and cheering. I told my Grandma that the people were clapping for her and my Grandpa (same name). She smiled at the joke, but told Grandpa "that's us, they're clapping for us."

My brother was the best man, and in the middle of his toast, Grandma had a heart attack. She was taken out into the entry and was given cpr and rescue breathing (It seemed like 1/2 of the guests there were nurses!). 911 was called and she was taken to the hospital. There was not a lot they could do, so the doctors put her on some machines until midnight, allowing my parents to stay at their son's reception, so there wouldn't be a similar anniversary...

At about 12:45 my grandma died, surrounded by all of her kids.

My grandpa is doing as well as can be expected.

We're all trying to sort out the 2 events and give them their own space and feelings. My poor brother and his new wife didn't get the wedding they deserved, but some information was compassionately kept through the night, and I truly think that, while they had an idea, they were able to enjoy themselves.

My grandma got to say goodbye in a beautiful hall, with all 5 of her kids, and 9 of her 10 grandchildren. She looked beautiful and was having a wonderful time. A woman who has been walking with the assistance of a walker, she walked down the aisle between my brother and her husband unassisted, save for the graceful arm offered by each gentleman. She was enchanted with Willa and MaKenna, beaming at the happy couple, and so proud to have her family together. It couldn't have happened at a worse or better time, all things considered.

Please keep my grandpa, brother and new sister, and my entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

This post may be edited several times over the next few days, as details and new feelings start walking on their own. Also, there are wonderful photos of the wedding, which I will share as time passes.


Christina said...

I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. Thinking of you!

Em said...

Thinking of you and your family during this joyous and tragic weekend.

Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way, Amy.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, Amy. I am sending my love to all the p's.

Jana said...

I just checked your site again after a few weeks away...I'm so, so sorry for your loss! What a strange and sad thing. You are all in my prayers.