Monday, December 03, 2007

Singin' fee fi fideleye oh

The kitchen and I have been spending more time together lately. It's like believing an old boyfriend who said, "For you? I'll change, but it'll take some time" And then you get excited about the relationship once it's where you want it to be, so for now... for now you tolerate it.

We've decided to make the kitchen a kinder, gentler, less 1960's kitchen. And while we're in the slow process of remodeling, I'm enjoying being in there. Because it's going to be better, folks!
As evidenced by the homemade mac and cheese, vege chili, dill pickle soup, and raisin bran muffins all in the freezer. I also made some great chai (not from a box, thank you).


Anonymous said...

yahoo. glad things are going well with the kitchen. Sounds like you have a lot of good yummy food in the freezer! hgh

Christina said...

OK, I'm intrigued. How do you make dill pickle soup??

Anonymous said...

dill pickle soup alone is worth a post! I am here to tell y'all it is super good, unexpectedly super good!