Monday, August 04, 2008

Just us. Justice.

The three of us haven't had a full weekend together since our vacation. Ahhh... summer working for a nonprofit. At least for Jim and I this means a lot of time spent on the road. Me, meeting clients, him, meeting sponsors.
In addition, last week was a darn horrible week and we needed to get away.
We went to Higgens Lake on Saturday and came home Sunday. It was lovely.
Yesterday we spent time on the beach at the state park. Jim and I built sandcastles in the surf under the watchful eye of our supervisor, Willa, who was just waiting for them to get big enough to stomp apart. A little boy joined us. His name was Sam and he was three.
A while later we met up with Sam again in the water with his mom. Sam splashed us. His mom took him away while giving him a stern talking too.
Willa jumped on the bandwagon. "Sammy bad. Sammy naughty. Sammy in trouble." She talked about Sam's (who she decided was more of a Sammy) terrible behavior the entire walk back to the sand. If Willa and St. Peter were in cahoots, poor Sam's soul would be doomed for all eternity simply for splashing us.

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