Monday, August 11, 2008

A mistress must be the new American flag lapel pin

Dear John Edwards,
You'll have to make your own grilled cheese sandwich next time you're in GR.

I heard the rumblings start a few weeks ago. "Edwards cheated" small headlines of news sources with questionable credibility suggested. I took a party line, chalked it up to Karl Rove moving his GOP machine right over the man who could have been a great VP for Obama.

And then he admitted it. You'll recall that I put a great deal of stock in Mr. Edwards.

Now I know how an 8 year old football fan and devotee of Michael Vick may have felt. I have not generally been one to put a lot of stock in people simply because of celebrity or power. I do not recall having a lot of famous heroes growing up. I never joined a fan club. I don't keep up on celebrity news, and don't hold much stock in the rumor mills of Hollywood or DC. I don't watch "reality television" because it bores me. I just don't care much about people who I don't know. And I think I've rarely fooled myself into believing that I knew someone via interviews and performances. Politicians and celebrities are not idols to hold up as a way to live your life. They are human and they make mistakes. They are learning how to be, just like everyone else.

But it seemed like John Edwards was talking to my heart. And my heart and his were old pals. And I wanted him, so much, to be in charge of what happened with my country - something else I care about a whole bunch.

I do not think that the private sex life of anyone should disqualify them for a job. Training dogs to fight and betting on them doesn't make you less of an awesome football player. It makes you an asshole...

I thought he was so much better than that.


Keri said...

Since May, I've had a picture of Obama and Edwards together at the GR rally set as the wallpaper of my computer here at work. This morning I took it down and put up the generic XP wallpaper as soon as I got to work, turned on my computer, and saw Edwards smiling face looking at me. I'm so disappointed, I can't even look at him right now.

AmyinMotown said...

I have been waiting for you to weigh ion this. We first wrote about it at the 'Derby a few weeks ago, and I was all, "No, it's the Enquirer, it can't be true."

Sad, sad, sad. I've lost respect for him, especially since his wife 1)rocks and 2) was battling cancer. At least he didn't make her sit next to him and gaze at him adoringly during the press conference.

Christina said...

I'm sorry he let you down :-(

Anonymous said...

The difference between Liberals and "Conservatives" is that liberals throw their unfortunate under the bus while "conservatives" protect & coddle them.