Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic fatigue

Jim has an ear infection. Again. Do they do tubes for adults? He gets them fairly often - especially since our own little germ transductor (Willa) has been living with us. My body weak point is my sinuses, his are his ears.

I told him this was probably brought about by his Olympic fever. He's got it bad, folks. Last night he turned off the television after 1 am. I think there were tears in his eyes after seeing one of our gymnasts take the gold. (post script note: I found that more than a little endearing)

And I? I am the Olympic grinch. I would totally go to the olympic village and take their little pins and medals if it meant that I didn't have to see that Phelps guy or Misty May again. I do not think I would be redeamed with a bigger heart that felt closer to the true meaning behind the olympics. World wide harmony over the thrill of athletic competition, bah humbug. It's all about the money.* I'm pretty sure there are other sports besides swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball in the summer games. But the smaller sports don't draw the viewers, and advertisers won't pay for spots unless they are guaranteed big audiences. And don't get me started on faked fireworks and a lipsynching cutie...

Are we done yet?

*See what happens when my favorite, "wholesome" politician goes and admits to an affair? John Edwards made me jaded and cynical.


Keri said...

The '04 presidential election made my jaded and cynical... but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the Olympics. Shortly before they started, I asked my husband if he was looking forward to them. He ba-humbugged at me and uttered many of the same sentiments that you stated.

But next thing I know, he's morphed into Jim and can't get enough of the Olympics. Yesterday, he called me to tell me about the water polo match that he watched on his lunch hour. And last night he told me that we should go to the London games in 2012.

He's caught the Olympic bug BAD. And I can't get enough of teasing him about how two days before the Olympics started he wanted absolutely nothing to do with them. ;-)

Kerri said...

I think adults can get ear tubes. But I'm not entirely positive.

I haven't been watching the Olympics at all. I could care less. Oh wait, I did sit and watch Rowing or Skulls (at MSU it's called Crew). That's the one where four women row in a boat. The power they exert is pretty impressive. So I did get caught up in that one, which was like five minutes of coverage.

Beth said...

This post makes me sad.