Tuesday, August 12, 2008


On Sunday I cut Arlo and Greta's nails. Greta doesn't seem to mind it much. She sits and offers her paw, like she's getting a manicure. Arlo doesn't like it, but puts up with it. I have to hold him in my lap. This is the first time, I think, Willa's observed this ritual. She stayed with us the whole time. After Arlo tried to slink away the first time, she crouched next to him and said, "you're okay now." While patting his back and putting him in a headlock.

Willa's declaration of needing to use the bathroom consists of looking at us and saying, "don't pee on da floor."

Bill and Jackie's dog is, and may always be "Otis da puppy." And my parent's place up north is called "Grandma's Grandpa's cottage, fun." Lake Drive, she knows, is where we turn to "see Baby Brody - today?" (a friend's little guy who Willa has a slight obsession with).

When Willa was a baby we got the Elizabeth Mitchell CD with the song "Little Bird" on it. I've been singing it to her nearly every night ever since. Now she sings along. It's one of the best moments of every day.


JT said...

oh,and "Alice Pants"!

Anonymous said...

so cute!~hgh

Leslie said...

How cute is that?! It's amazing what they pick-up, remember and choose to repeat. Love it!