Monday, August 25, 2008

Love from Mom

I love Grand Rapids. I am home here. I know, I know... I've talked about this before.

We are not moving, but...

Jim started off last week with an ear infection, and sure enough I ended the week with a sinus infection and bronchitis (and made a doctor who wasn't my own go pale after I stood up and he realized he darn near prescribed antibiotics to a woman who was in a family way.) I got the meds eventually. This is not the point of today's post.

My mom came to visit on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday we got up, had breakfast, talked and the next thing I knew I was waking up an hour later with Willa and my mom upstairs. A nap. Sigh... so nice. Something about my mom taking care of me while I'm sick and pregnant - even though Jim does beyond a great job - made me think about picking up the family Sinki and heading east.

It was a nice visit with my mom. I like it when she can see Willa playing on her home turf. It was nice to be in the same room and talk and check up on each other to make sure that, after my sister's loss of the twins, we're both doing as okay as possible with it. We sat on blankets with Willa (while Jim was at class) at Reed's Lake and enjoyed some breeze. I shot mom dirty looks as she laughed out loud when Willa misbehaved. "This," she said, "is fun."

Yesterday, I made pasta sauce with tomatoes and peppers from mom and dad's garden which is a few weeks ahead of ours. It was delicious.


Keri said...

"...a woman who was in a family way."? LMAO!

Anyway, glad to hear that you had a great time with your mom. I have a lot of the same feelings that you do about both loving Grand Rapids and missing "home"/family. I can only imagine how much more intense those emotions are once you have children of your own.

Rach said...

"I like it when she can see Willa playing on her home turf. "

I feel the same way about Morgan! Seeing her on the webcam, or playing at someone else's home just isn't the same. Having family visit us and see Morgan "in action" at our house really is great.