Friday, March 27, 2009

Like Lord of the Flies... with pizza

In our little bubble of family time, Willa, Henry, and I (Jim was at class learning about Accounting practices) had a great outing at Chuck E. Cheeses last night. We started off with a pocketful of tokens that slowly dwindled as she passed anything that looked like a car. Henry joined her for a few rides. We got our photo taken by the sketch machine. We ate dinner, watched the show, and played some games. Willa attempted the tunnel crawl twice, but backed out after the first ladder rung and then the second. She wanted to say hi to Chuck, but backed off when we got 12 feet away from him. She instead hid behind me and waved with a pretty worried looking expression. Henry was happy to watch the lights and the buzz around us.
It was a pretty relaxing and fun time out.
Except for, you know, the other people there.
There were 4 birthday parties. One of the parties had about 40 guests. I am not exaggerating. They were all hopped up on birthday cake and the power of a small cup of tokens and parents who were not watching them.
I am not a crowd person, I recognize this. But this was no crowd, it was a mob.
Someone broke into a skee ball ticket dispenser, pulled the tickets out and threw them on the floor in ribbons. A 3 foot tile pile of tickets nearly caused a riot. We moved on to a different area.
After we had our fill of Chuck E. fun, we went to cash out our tickets. Right behind about 20 kids with over 300 tickets each. So, the line...
But my kiddos did great and waited without even whining.
We left with a pink rubber worm (pretty close call with the lizard, eh?) and a pink beaded ring. Last night she placed the ring on the worm and gently placed them on the window sill next to her bed.
She sighed and said, "I have a grrrreat time at Shucky Sheeses. Night mama."


Keri said...

Awwww... I'm glad Willa (and you and Henry) had a good time.

Anonymous said...

awe yahoo for your chucky cheese adventure!~hgh

Unknown said...

LOL Willa puts things on her window sill?? Same here!

AmyinMotown said...

You did this ALONE?? you are mother of the year. Now I feel guilty for never bringing Maggie, but I think I know how I can bribe her to stay dry at night now.

Kerri said...

It sounds like a great time! Yeah, I'm with you on the crowd thing. Ick.

Maribeth said...

Awww.... that totally made the trip worth it didn't it? So sweet. I am very impressed that you did it by yourself. You are very brave. If you ever want to treat Willa to a night to herself, you know where you can drop Henry off for a couple of hours.