Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the other side

This morning I was walking out while another mom was walking in. She was there to drop off her 20 month old son. And in the crook of her elbow was her 2 week old, nestled in his car carrier. She looked exhausted and a little alarmed. Usually she's kind of a walking ray of sunshine with a huge smile and a chipper greeting.
She looked at me blearily.
"It gets easier!" I told her.
"Ohmygosh, thank you for saying that."
And right at that moment, I wanted to follow her home, make her a cup of tea and do her laundry.
We have friends who are expecting their second in a few weeks. I really hope she takes me up on any offer to help. Those first few weeks of family expansion are rough.


Unknown said...

Don't wait for her to take you up on it. I didn't and wish I had.

Kerri said...

Some days you just some small words of encouragement. Way to brighten someone's day.

AmyinMotown said...

WEEKS? Good Lord, woman, it's been a YEAR and I just now am starting to feel like maybe I can handle two of them. And am still thanking God daily that Will is so mellow and sweet and that they are both so freaking adorable because otherwise I would really be losing my mind. (if anyone who is reading this is soon to have number two: Ignore me!! I am easily overwhelmed! And not very organized! You will do a MUCH better job of juggling two than I have!).

In all seriousness, I admire your easy, even joyous, adjustment into parenting two. And when I was a new mom I would have cried to hear just those words from someone who has been there. It just means so much to know someone else acknowledges it's tough but you can, and will, make it. I feel like saying that to every bleary-eyed mom I see in Target -- and slipping them some chocolate as well.

Christina said...

You are so sweet!