Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Showing signs of wearing

Pals, I am tired.

If wishing made it so, Henry would be a better sleeper. Also, I'd have fresh watermelon on my kitchen table while I typed this.

Yesterday was kind of a rough spot for me. We got up, I took the kids to daycare. Got Willa out of the car and had her waiting on the sidewalk. Pulled Henry, in his infant carrier, out of the car and we walked in. I set Henry down and his teacher said, "uh-oh... it's looks like he spit up."

Which was her way of nicely saying, "holy moly! The kid is drenched from chin to toe!"

He's normally not a spitter. I think this was a reminder that mom needs to be mindful of garlic intake.

On the way home I started to get upset. I took my baby out of the car. I walked him 40 yards into his room. I set him down. All without looking at him. All because I was too distracted with "what's next."

The morning was actually a good morning after that. But I was consumed with "what the heck is wrong with me?!".

It still troubles me. I think the working full time, and being a mom of 2, and not sleeping has finally caught up to me.

2 days off next week. Should be good.


NotAppealing said...

You can do it!

Kerri said...

Enjoy your time off! Maybe take a couple naps. :)

Keri said...

The two days off will help. And the coming spring (it really is coming, I'm certain!) will help too.

And remember: you are an amazing mother.

AmyinMotown said...

Awww. I'd send you chocolate -- but that made Will spit up.

I hit that point too, at about 5-6 months in, where I just could not take it any more because when your baby doesn't sleep there is NO break, 24-7. His sleep got better, although it still sucks, and we can pretty much count on 4-5 hours in a row now.

So, I understand. I know (hope?) eventually Will will get to the point where we put him down and don't hear from him until morning, and Henry will too. But being exhausted all the frickin' time does get old, no?

Is there anyone who could take the kids overnight/ my parents will (rarely) do so, and it helps SO MUCH to just know you have the whole night to sleep. Plus you could actually hang with your husband and have a conversation, which is nice.

Mandy said...

We've all been there! These things serve as little reminders to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just go take a nap! :-)

Unknown said...

Make sure to get some 'Amy' time. And this is my long distance hug. *mmmmm-mm!*

Maribeth said...

Hang in there hun! I know it is tough. We for sure need a girls night out.

Christina said...

I could have wrote this myself. Sometimes you just have to let it go but I know it is so hard. It will get better - promise. Get some rest next week (don't you love how you have to *schedule* when you get to rest?).

Erin said...

Oh Amy...how I could have written this post a few years ago. Take some time with the kids. The dishes can wait. Dinner can be a few minutes later tonight.

If you want a break next week, feel free to drop the kids off with Sabrina and I for a few hours. I'm sure Willa would love to play with the kids here! Our treat to you.

Hang in there Mama.