Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Passing notes.

"LURK mommy! A Robin!"

Someday she'll say look, but in the meantime, when she says "lurk" I giggle at the vision of us tiptoeing around.

"Who told you what a robin is, Willa?"

"Oh.... Dwamma P..."
"Grandma is pretty smart, isn't she?"

Like I said yesterday, we spent the weekend at my parent's house. It was the first time all 4 of their grandkids were in the same room. It was chaotic and loud and absolutely wonderful. My Grandpa joined too, for 4 generations of fun.

It's a big job, I have: being a conduit between my parents and their grandkids (W. Michigan campus). Ensuring that the kids know they're being thought of by my folks, telling the grandparents what the kids are remembering from visits, how they're being spoken of in absence, keeping everyone up to date and know that they're loved. In person, it's easy. My dad gets on the floor with the kids to play. My mom takes them for walks... This distance and increasing communication... important stuff.


Anonymous said...

And a fine job you are doing :>

AmyinMotown said...

For me it's easy because my parents live a 10-minute drive away, but it's something I never really mastered with my in-laws. They never seemed all that interested in the kids --they liked them when they saw them, but they never made much of an effort to do so.

My brother and SIL do a really good job of keeping us in touch with their kids--Maggie and my oldest nephew send drawings back and forth, and they just LOVE each other. It's hard, though, when you wish they lived next door and it's a three-hour drive.