Thursday, March 05, 2009

One track mind

This morning, Willa woke up pretty determined to sway me to take her to Chuck E. Cheese's. What? We haven't been there in probably 9 months, but we were out on Alpine last night and she saw it, and her little mind started whirring...
So, I'm asking her what she wants to wear and she responds "I want to go to Shucky Sheeses." I pick out her outfit. I ask her to put her big girl underpants on, and she responds "I want to go to Shucky Sheeses." I get her dressed. I ask her to brush her teeth, same response. I brush her teeth and tell her it's a school day, and there's no way I'm taking her there today. She starts crying and chanting about "Shucky." And then she starts undressing. Uncooperative kiddo this morning.
I told her, "the answer is no." While I'm in the shower, she busts in, slamming the door open and yells with her her hands on her hips, "the answer is YES mama!" and walks away. I laugh silently at my headstrong daughter while rinsing my hair.


--Lindsay-- said...

I love Willa stories.

This headstrong attitude will be a good trait when she's a teenager dealing with peer pressure. :o)

Anonymous said...

Were you rinsing your hair or ripping it out of your head?!?! jk ~Jen

Anonymous said...

PLEASE pick me up off the floor !!!
I am still in a fit of uncontrollable laughter :0 !!!!!!

FIRST of all..Chuck E Cheese?? You?
Did you tell her you scared off little people like her when you were in the Chuckster suit????

SECONDLY-She IS her mama's daughter

She is adorable and I wouldn't change a vowel out of her mouth or an arch of her eyebrow !!!!
So meek and mild my little Sweetheart *> xxoo

Maribeth said...

Ok, the last part was the best. Thank goodness you were hidden behind the shower curtain.

AmyinMotown said...

Okay, I know we've tried to meet in real life, but we may want to reconsider this plan. Because if Maggie and Willa were to join their strong wills and verbal acuity they could, no, WOULD take over the world.

keep laughing because it will keep you sane. Because the mouthy? It just gets worse. I was informed tonight to stop talking because I was hurting Maggie's ears--because I was telling her something she didn't want to hear. The teen years are going to be a BLAST.

Keri said...

That is one determined little girl!