Wednesday, January 03, 2007

... and a partridge in a pear tree

Since coming back from over the river and through the woods (to Grandmother's house we went) Jim, Willa, and I had many wonderful moments spent at home and out and about. Babies First Christmas is a little overated - she'd rather eat the wrapping paper than play with the toy - but it was really fun to watch her play with family and friends. Perhaps she "gets" the season better than other folks. One of my favorite moments from Christmas Eve was Willa and MaKenna shrieking at each other and laughing. It's neat to see two girls who I met as brand new babies fully aware of each other, and the older entertaining the other. I'm glad we were able to give MaKenna her first cousin.

Bill and Jackie got engaged on Dec. 23. I think her smile was more bright than her beautiful ring. I gained 3 sisters in 2005 when we got married. This year I'll be getting another one! I am looking forward to Bill and Jac creating a wonderful day and life together.

Jim and I are still working hard to mesh our belongings into one house. We've got a whole lot in our outgoing piles of recycle, trash, and donate (good timing with garbage pick up 2 days later than usual, eh?). We made a lot of progress in the basement and upstairs. I spent some time in our attic hauling up empty boxes and moving in boxes of college notebooks and t-shirts. No one wants to get rid of those.

We spent New Years Eve with me tending to and playing with Willa while he made new Chinese foods. Good dinner and we both made desserts. We watched a movie and laid low, but had a great time. We had a nice Port toast to mark 2007, I'm not sure how it could be better than 2006, but we made of list of things we want to do, and if we follow through on that list, it could be close to '06 greatness.

It was more than a week of tiny moments that sewed us together closer as a family. We had little outings and errands, but the best parts were always the three us us nestled in bed with flannel sheets around us and Greta and Arlo at our feet.

Yesterday she and I took a nap together. When she woke up, the side of her hair was sticking straight out. My heart felt big as I looked at her and thought of Grandpa Laws' hair when he woke up from a couch nap. Eternal life in Christmas lights and baby hair. Grandma and Grandpa live on through their family: memories, and funny hair, and giving gifts to a family in need.

President Ford died the day after Christmas, and as I type this, his Grand Rapids funeral service is starting. More on that for another post.

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