Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rubber Ducky, you're the one...

Willa has something very important to say, and I hope that her rubber ducky is understanding.
Bath time has been pretty funny lately - except for saying, "sit down, please" eighty times in twenty minutes. Willa's new best friend is her rubber ducky.
In the evening she crawls into the bathroom, pulls herself up on the tub, and pants with happiness with her gaze fixed on the duck.
During a bath, she chases him through the currents she's making as she reaches to grab him, but just misses. When she does catch him, she takes a deep breath, raises the duck above her head, kind of yells in triumph, brings duck to eye level, and then starts a conversation that goes like this: "duh, dadada, DUUUUU, da. Da." She's very serious, and we know this because her little soapy wet head bobs the whole time she's talking to him. And then she chews on his little rubber duck bill for a while.

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