Monday, January 15, 2007

Willa kicking some germ cyborg butt

"Hey, look. I'm such a mom."

"Did she spit up on your shirt?"

"Nope. That's snot."

I've not posted here for almost a week because something called the Rotavirus took control of our lives for a while. The name actually sounds like "Rotovirus" and I've been having visions of this terrible Arnoldish cyborg taking our home hostage. I was panicking thinking how the heck does this end well? How does good win over evil when you can't even get your baby to drink the Pedialyte, and yes, we've tried different flavors! Rotavirus is medical speak for "buy diapers in bulk, because you'll be changing them every 20 minutes for 7 - 12 days. Don't worry unless violent crying doesn't produce tears. Oh, and might as well buy every diaper cream ever invented to figure out how to quell the fires from high acidity diarrhea."

Willa's been sick for 6 days now. I never thought I'd be calling my parents to announce that someone in my house had a solid poop, but I sure did on Saturday right after Jim gave me the diaper low down. And we thought we were in the clear. But an hour later she spiked a low grade fever and sneezed. Once. Today she is a snot factory - probably a sinus infection. But has normal poop. Jim called the doctor's office, just to calm me down. He said the nurse said something like "opportunistic follow up germs..." or something. Basically she's being kicked while she's down by the germ world.

I'm hoping the cold weather that's moving in will kill these bastard germs. I'm considering opening the windows and doors at home while snickering at the thought of germ microbes that we haven't bleached away screaming to their death.

But snot... I can handle that. So, that's where I've been... changing diapers, force feeding Pedialyte, and accessorizing with snot.


JT said...

you are such a good mommy! You make snot look good!

Anonymous said...

I have observed that it is a good mommy and daddy that care for this super charmer !!