Saturday, January 06, 2007


Jim is making bookcases for our living room. Not the kind that you buy in a box and assemble in minutes with the allan wrench they include in the baggie with the screws. The kind that starts as raw lumber and, after many hours ends as a one of a kind (in this case 2 of a kind) piece of furniture handcrafted with love, creativity, maybe a few swear words.

I added an idea that we're both excited about. The bottom of the bookcases will have a door, and we're both going to make a small stained glass piece to lay into a cut out on the doors. Should look nice.

Today I got a sneak peak at them - stained in pieces in the garage. They're going to be beautiful. January isn't the best time to do woodwork in a garage in Michigan, but he's got a heater, and is happy to be spending time doing something he likes so much.

It's nice to see him involved in a project. He's excited and proud. Judging from how they look so far, he ought to be.

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