Friday, January 26, 2007

To everything, turn, turn, turn

I'm anticipating Spring like a teen or socially akward adult hoping to grab the newest video game system. I would camp outside of Spring's door in hopes of being the first to see a robin or crocus. I was talking to a co-worker about it and caught myself looking at the clock. As if Spring was coming at 3 pm for it's appointment.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying being with Jim, Willa, and the dogs, holed up in the house. We make soup, rent movies, play the guitar, nest under the warm blue blanket. Last night was chili (veggies and kidney beans for Willa), play with Willa, bath for Willa and playing with the new camera, baby to bed, finish watching the Illusionist (pretty movie, but we guess way early).

Behold, the work of Jim and the new camera

And hang on to your hats, because this will melt your heart (which would not be covered by your hat, but, well, you know...). I love and hate this photo at the same time. This really shows how happy a kid she is. It also shows that Ms. Willa is no baby anymore.

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