Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tiptoeing back into norm (I hope, I hope, I hope...)

She's got a cough and runny nose, but Willa has beaten the rotavirus. I think given the relatively short time it lasted and the fact that there was no hospital visit involved earns her a high score on this victory. To celebrate we returned her to the germ cesspool where she likely picked up that bad boy. The daycare ladies were a little thrown by cherry pedialyte mixed in with her milk. They called Jim to ask about the pink milk and made him fax a form permitting them to administer over the counter meds.

She's got to be feeling better. Last night she was into trouble (and the pot of the plant in her room) and shrieking with joy in the bathtub. "Du du DAAUUK. I'm feeling better, how have you been?"

Yesterday I was on the other side of the state for a staff meeting. Driving in we saw a remarkable sunrise. Before the sun come over the horizon, there was a column of warm pink light as wide as the sun in the sky. There was dark cloud cover, so it was a stunning contrast. I think the traffic slow downs that we hit were sky gawkers. On the way home we oohed and aahed over the pines covered in ice. We usually get the more severe winter weather thanks to Lake Michigan, but not this time.

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