Tuesday, March 13, 2007

baby steps

The past 24 hours have included me feeling like a train rolled over me 200 times, Jim getting over his sick, but not being able to sleep while I was unable to stay awake, Jim scrambling this morning to get on the road for a 3 day trip to Chicago, all 3 of us sleeping a little too long, Willa bumping her head on the bedside table just as Jim was leaving, and my car window not closing after opening it (shouldn't be a problem, this is where the shop "fixed" my car, so I'm bringing it back this afternoon to see if they can do a quick fix - and it's a great day to have a stuck open window: sunny and 60 degrees.). I don't need to go into all of that in detail. Jim's feeling better, I'm feeling better, Willa is okay, just crawling around with a bump...

What I want to share today is a moment she and I had yesterday. We all decided to go outside for a little while. The snow is melted except in the shady areas, the sun was shining, and it was spring jacket warm. I set Willa on the sidewalk and took one hand. She walked slowly and clumsily to the neighbor's driveway. It was amazing. A year ago Jim and I were getting him moved back into the house after finding a job back in Grand Rapids. And now here's our baby holding my hand and walking outside.

Life is good.

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