Friday, March 23, 2007

out on the town

Last night I had dinner at one of my favorite places in town. I don't get there often because my most frequent dining companion feels uncomfortable in a place where there is no meat. He stayed home with Willa and I went out.

I had a great time getting to know some women who I've met on a message board. Yup, I have internet friends now.

When I was driving home I was thinking about my goal to not lose myself in mom-ness. I haven't been making great steps at that, but it's like ordering the veggie hash every time when I go to Gaia - if I loovvveee it, why do something else? However, talking with 3 other women as a grown up without having to worry about my kid lobbing spoons at people or trying every tactic she knows to get to the ground was... nice.

So was the actual conversation, and the cookie Emily bought.


Em said...

Well, I had a nice time too. I hope we didn't....what is the word?...'alienate' you from your mom-ness. I like mom-ness and I am not to far off from it myself. I am sure it was nice to not have to worry about Willa knowing she was safe at home w. Daddy. Mommies need "me-time" too! Those cookies were such a nice diversion from my Weight Watchers diet!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think any mom can totally lose herself in mom-ness if she's working outside the home...I would think the simple act of interacting with other adults regularly would help with that.

In other news, I also don't see any reason to try other things at Gaia - the veggie hash was *that* good. Why mess with what you love?

Jana said...

Oh my god, GAIA! I loved that place when I lived in GR. Mmmmm.