Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Girl's best friends

Yesterday Willa worked for the emancipation of the dogs from the house. She and I were sitting on the front porch playing with her blue ball when she caught sight of Greta behind the storm door's window. She made her way to the door walking via chair and table assistance and pounded on the door shreiking, panting and saying "'eta! 'eta.". I let them out and we all hung out on the front porch soaking up Summer in March (well over 70 degrees).

In the interest of full disclosure, these photos are not from yesterday, but earlier in the month. Jim had the camera at work. It looked a lot like this but in different clothes. Also, Willa didn't look quite as old man/pirateish as she does in the 1st photo.


Em said...

Awww...those doggies love their sissy. So cute.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love her little Pebbles ponytail too! Bri