Monday, March 26, 2007

Big backyard plans, compliments of Willa's stomach bug

Willa tried her darndest to make all fabric in our house tye-dyed with her projectile vomiting this weekend, but I think it's over and a few loads of laundry later and many, many ounces of baby Gatorade, we're all okay.

We took her to the med center on Sunday just to make sure we shouldn't be worried, and got her wrist rash (confirmed as eczema)and Jim's ear looked at too. Jim has an ear infection - in his good ear. This makes him virtually deaf for now. One stop shopping for a bunch of concerns.

Yesterday she was moving slow and very cuddly. We spent 2 hours in my hammock. While she napped (and yes, it is bliss to cuddle your sleeping baby in a hammock on an early spring day), I made big plans for our backyard. This year's priority is to reclaim the hill that a natural spring and the dogs are ruining. Too much water and happy dog exuberance equals erosion on the hill.

It's Spring! At last!

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