Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In spite of this, she woke up this morning laughing and with a normal temp.

"Well, you put the thermometer under her arm, wait until it beeps, take the measurement and add one degree."
And then, on command, Willa vomited on him.
No, she didn't really, but if there were ever a time that I wished my kid could vomit on command...

At 3:40 yesterday I got a call from day care letting me know that Willa (who was fine in the morning after a weekend of fever we blamed on the shots) had a fever of 103.2. I left work, picked her up, called her doctor's office talked to the nurse and made plans to go straight to the After Hours care office. This being Michigan and moderately nice weather, all major roads are now under construction. So we were stopped for a while, and when we started moving again, Willa began to throw up in the car seat. All I could do was watch her while soothing her verbally, "I'm so sorry you don't feel good, but if mommy stops right now, that semi will run us right over." We got to the office, I stripped her and cleaned her up.

We got into the office, nurse calls us back, blah, blah, blah... Doctor comes in. Starts talking to Willa as "buddy" and "little guy" whatever. Tells me he thinks she has an ear infection, and perscribes antibiotics. I start asking questions. You know, I'm partly in charge of my kids life and like to be informed - and he had the information. I know we're not his normal patients, and I know there's a whole waiting room full of people with injuries and illnesses, but...

So I was trying to ask one question and he kept interrupting me to answer what he thought I was asking. I don't know, maybe he took a speciality in mindreading too. Or maybe he was just a pompus jerk. Willa was clinging to me, eyes glazed over, and whimpering, which is why she didn't get the "vomit now" cue. I stopped him in the middle of telling me how to take my kids temp - uh... thanks, after a year, I consider myself a seasoned veteran - and demanded that he listen to my full question. And finally I learned that it takes about 8 hours for fever reducing medicines to leave the system (see what I went through to pass this info along to you?). Also, if her fever gets to 107 degrees, we should take her to the ER - because it means her brain is on fire.


Anonymous said...

IMHO~She'll seize before she hits 107. Amy, you must have incredible patience cuz I would have decked that doc. The whole vomit now thing? Ro never does it for me when Dave has her above his head. We're still practicing.. LOL

Anonymous said...

That is funny since I had to grab bugs from day care early on Monday also. She didn't have a temp but her coughing got me concerned. Not to mention that Slimer must of infected her nose for all of the green snot ooozing out of it. At least it wasn't puke!!
Got to the doc's they had no power which made bugs happy asking a million questions waited for the doctor in a room full of sunshine. As he walked in she let him know "there was no power and he had to go home before he hurt himself." Anyway she also has an ear infection. Those two must be on the same schedule. Kiss monkey for us and as bugs said "no shower doc said no water in my ear"
"I go to school smelly" "Okay mom alrighty then."
Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm giggling.. Is Slimer another kid at Bug's daycare? If it's any consolation, Ro has a snotty nose..