Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday adventure: Bird and Monkey

First off, my birthday was wonderful. I arrived at home to find a bouquet of tulips, a stem of sweet William, and spray roses, the same orange color as our wedding flowers. Jim told me that the Tulips represent how we bloom like a new spring every day. Some days I get more blatant reminders that I married the right man than other days... He had arranged for Jenny and Joe to watch Willa while we had a relaxed dinner out. After a terrific Indian meal, we went back to Jenny and Joe's, had brownies and visited. It was a wonderful night.

Yesterday we made a new friend:

This little guy was one of three babies from the house finch nest. They hatched last week. Yesterday I found the nest strewn across our front deck and the babies on our patio furniture. This is the only one that made it. The house finch nest was replaced by some sparrows. Mom and dad house finch were no where to be seen. So... this baby spent the night in our basement under a reading lamp. He (Jim keeps calling it a she) was well fed on soggy dog food from an eye dropper. Knowing we aren't equipped to care for a baby bird, Jim looked up and found a wildlife rescue shelter. A mile from our house. He called and a nice woman named Peg agreed to care for our friend.

We dropped him off on a street that we had visited before. We eyed a house there about 6 months ago. When we pulled up, there were ducks on the lawn across the street, and a gathering of neighbors. One of which was holding a monkey. For real. We took the bird to Peg who was talking with the monkey lady. Turns out she is a rescue worker too. I asked permission to do this:

We gave Peg a $10 donation for her organization and thanked her for taking care of our little buddy. And then left to walk around the Meijer Gardens for an hour.


Anonymous said...

The absolute cutest monkey is on the left !!!!

Anonymous said...

Monkey, meet monkey.


Em said...

Look at the puzzled look on Willa's face. Wow. Two monkeys in a row.

And we had many issues with our finch nests too...Good job on rescuing little baby finch.