Friday, April 27, 2007

Last night's conversation

"So... what's the big plan for tomorrow?"
"Marky Mark AND the Funky bunch will probably drive up in a Yaris."
"I hate that car."
"I know. They'll come, and then the car will stomp all over little gas nozzle spiders."
"Yuck. Did you know Marky has a third nipple?"

When I was dropping Willa off at day care this morning, I overhead a mom telling someone that her son was 26 months old. It's a matter of person taste, but I think at this point Willa is just over a year, soon she'll be almost a year and a half, and beyond that she'll be nearly two. When do we draw the line for age in months?

I almost called my mom today to tell her that today I am 384 months old. I'll save you the division. Today I turn 32. I hope Willie Nelson and Jimmy Carter swing by with the funky bunch.


Em said...

You stinker. Sneaking into your blog! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!!


Anonymous said...

LOLOL, happy birthday you old lady!! ~Bri