Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby love.

Last night we went to dinner with friends at Chez Fazzolis (think McDonalds of spaghetti). Their daughter Julia is 11 months old and taking her first steps. This makes her 10 times more interesting to Willa. I'm excited about watching them hang out as pals in the coming months.

When we got home Willa got a bath. Baths are harder now that she's interested in sitting on the toilet. I find myself lifting her from the tub to her potty seat so many times that I end up drenched. After her bath, she gets a sippy cup of milk that she drinks in our bed while we read books to her. Last night she gave the sippy cup to her baby doll (mom and dad, she loves this doll, good job), first putting the opening on the baby's eye, and then moving it to the baby's mouth... all the while singing, "baeeee-beeeee" over and over.


Em said...

Uh oh....sounds like Willa needs a brudder or sista.

Christina said...

Experienced the same potty then bath, potty then bath thing with Maria. It is such an exciting thing for them! And I still am drenched after baths!