Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've got her back

On Saturday evening we were near the mall, so we went in search of shoes and tights for Willa. Like most malls, this one has a kids play area. At this particular mall, kids crawl and run and run amok over giant foam likenesses of breakfast foods. It is unnerving to see my daughter crawl over bacon, but she was having a blast.

"Can you believe our daughter is old enough to play here?"
"Yeah, but she's doing great. It's amazing that no one is falling down, or getting knocked down."
"I know. But some of the bigger kids are getting too close. I'm keeping a mental list of which ones to trip as they walk past."


Christina said...

Soo funny! They actually removed the cereal bowl if you happened to notice!

AmyinMotown said...

Now that's a good way to not hover! That was actually one of my first experiences with trying to relax and not helicopter, the play area at the mall. I actually did OK.

And breakfast food? AWESOME. Ours is alligators and stuff.