Monday, September 17, 2007

Other generations

My mom was here Friday and Saturday. Her visits leave me exhausted and refreshed at the same time. It's really nice to have her here to be able to see Willa in her natural habitat, and I like taking her around places in what is now my town. We kept each other up into the wee small hours of Saturday morning talking in the living room. When we finally said, "okay we should get to bed" for the last time, she climbed the stairs (yay for the new knee!) and I got into bed and hugged Jim tight. I wanted to wake him up so I could tell him how grateful I was for him, for our daughter, for our time together.

Mom was carrying photos of her parents that her cousin gave to her at his dad's funeral. The first was of my grandpa, striking a pose with one knee bent, his hand pulling up the cuff of his pants, flirting with the person behind the camera. Before he was a grandpa, this man had a cocky smile full of mischief. The other photo was my grandma, posed leaning against a car, she's wearing what looks like a service uniform with a wide belt cinching the jacket. Her smile is bright, and her eyes smile too.

They are both gone now. How wonderful it would have been for them to meet my family. For Willa to play with Tinker Toys in their back room. For us to eat cheese popcorn and drink diet Faygo while golf was murmuring on the tv in the background.
I wish I could hug Jim and Willa firmly enough to pass on a mutual introduction to them. Kind of like a phone line: "Grandma and Grandpa, this is my husband. This is my daughter." I wish they could know each other.
My mom, Willa and I went to the Meijer Gardens Saturday. Willa and her Grandma played hide and seek.

The night before we all went to Little Mexico for dinner. I jokingly put this sombrero on Willa before we left. She wouldn't leave it at home, and then insisted on wearing it into the restaurant. After some frowns from the staff at Little Mexico I whispered to Jim, "please take that thing off and hide it."
Happy 36th Anniversary to my parents. Mom and Dad, thanks for geting married and being a great example of a wonderful relationship. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Dammit Amy.. don't make me cry! ~B

Anonymous said...

Your welcome and....
they know :)