Thursday, September 13, 2007

My crush

I parked my car in front of her room's window when I went to pick her up at the end of the work day yesterday. She was just getting up from her nap in the cot under the window. I watched her stand up, her little head bobbing in and out of view. Then she turned around to look out. She saw me and her smile held the energy of a flock of birds leaving a field together. Big, strong, overwhelming. And we both waved with giant grins. We could have done that all evening long.

I'm going to pick her up again in a minute. One of my favorite parts of the day. She'll see me at the door and run to hug my leg. Gotta go...


AmyinMotown said...

Best part of every day. I love it. Except today, when she announced she wanted to have lunch at school and I explained we were going home to do so. And she threw a fit. Sigh.

Loved your last post, BTW.

Anonymous said...

I totally get it.. my moment is when I open the door to get her in the morning and after naps. ~B