Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dangerous play

Dora and Elmo are making kids sick, and now Barbie's in on the action. Today Mattel announces a third toy recall;Barbie's dining room set has too much lead in the paint. There are a few other toys that were added to the list, so if you're a parent, or someone who buys toys for kids, take a peek at the link.

Over the summer a wave of distrust over Chinese products hit American shores. Tainted dog food, human food, toothpaste, and toys, all made cheaply so we can take our SUVs to Wallmart and buy our necessities for a good price.

There is anger and distrust and threats to boycott products from China. Reading labels on products shows just how difficult that will be. Retailers and shoppers are in for a difficult Christmas season. To avoid a massive recall, THE toy of the year might have to be a pet rock: but big enough to not be a choking hazzard, and harvested from organic fields in Nebraska.

Here's my proposed solution: buy less toys, no matter where they're made. Last night 2 empty and cleaned out yogurt cups kept Willa busy for hours. I know we're not yet at the age when branding invades her mind. She doesn't yell about how our breakfast cereal NEEDS to have Dora marshmallows, and doesn't mind that our band aids don't have a character on them either. I know this will happen, and when it does, you'll find me here asking for strength - and maybe rationalizing that the Disney princess underwear actually might help potty training go smoother. Please call me on it then, okay?

I'm all about Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs for her next gifts - anyone know where those are made now? If it's China, I'm going to hedge my bets and only let her play with scissors and sharp sticks.

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Christina said...

Yes, that's so true. Pete rarely playes with the toys we get him. It's always the TV, the kitchen drawers, etc. It is hard not to fall into the whole branding stuff. I am week. Maria is irresistable when it comes to the Disney Princessess... I am probably going to tempt her with the underwear if she uses the potty at night...