Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Even at 32, I got nervous to show my parents...

It wasn't so much that I needed as I wanted another hole in my head. And so on Saturday I got my nose pierced. Jim and Willa came along. Does anyone remember the Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong..." That was us in a tattoo and piercing shop. Though, I've earned my bad ass stripes - I have a tattoo, I can do shots of whiskey (though lately just one would probably make me sleepy) I've given birth.

So, I have a pierced nose.

My mom asked why. I've been thinking about this for a while now. In 1992 I was voted "most likely to get a nose ring" in our band's mock elections. [This is just how dorky my roots are. Band. Mock Elections.] So, really it was Manifest Destiny, though it's a stud and not a ring - a point that gives edge to free will. I'm typically not what one would call patient, but 15 years is a long time to ponder a piercing. I had a vision of Willa having someone come in while I was on my death bed to "freaking pierce her nose already! She's talked about it forever!" And I decided it was time.

To celebrate decisiveness and action we went to my brother in law's "it wasn't a heart attack, but it was a scary wake up call" party, visited with my parents and uncle Brian, and went to the Michigan state fair.

Here MaKenna guides Willa's hand to pet the baby duck. "Duck" was the first word that both of them ever said.

Willa with her Grandma and Grandpa P. I promise that out of the 3 photos I took of this moment, this is the best one of all 3.

Our backyard terrace project - only you can prevent soil erosion. It's done enough for us to consider it done for now. Well... after some wood chips. And maybe some more plants. And stairs next to it would be nice...

Note: at the end, I realized I still hadn't answered my mom's question of "why" here. The very basic answer I gave her was, "because I think they're pretty."


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart... do you ever think I've answered my dad's question of why??

And yes, your reason is a good one.

Em said...

Congratulations, Amy.

The answer to the 'why' question?? I think it just suits you very well. I dunno why, but it does.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Christina said...

Hey that's really cool! That's funny about being afraid to tell your parents. Love your outdoors projec too.