Thursday, August 30, 2007

Episode #204, a very special Sinki

You know when Family Ties celebrated episode #200 (or something) with a show that was basically Alex P. Keaton sitting in the kitchen musing and we got to see a bunch of great clips from past episodes? Lazy writing.
But I'm going to do the same for post #204 at Blanco de Sinki, and here we are:

First photo posted on first entry 10/13/006

Dog incident of Dec. '06

Lessons learned last night:Anemone bulbs are toxic to dogs.Hydrogen Peroxide forced down their throats makes dogs throw up.A lot. Everything. Maybe even parts of their eyeballs.Jim and I are a good team in a crisis. Dogs are okay.Willa watched the whole thing while laughing and dancing in her doorway jumpy seat and turning a solid teething cookie into plasma.

On motherhood, January '07

Hey, look. I'm such a mom." "Did she spit up on your shirt?" "Nope. That's snot."

Her first "wow" March 22 '07

The damp spring air swept her cheeks while she heard the cardinals in the trees and saw water dripping off of the roof. She looked at me and said, "wow."Sigh. I'm in love.

On dogs in public buildings, June 11, 2007

"I don't understand why people with tiny dogs feel that they have an all access pass for their animal. I mean, we could stuff Greta into one of our suitcases on wheels with her head poking out, and take her with us everywhere, but we don't."

Finally, one out take from the photos that got edited out:

Tune in Tuesday when the writer of Blanco de Sinki returns from vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Vacation? I'm jealous. Where to? We've been invited up north by friends for camping and the Mac bridge walk every single Labor Day weekend for the past 4 years...this year, no invite. :-(
Now we're trying to find fun, summery things to fill the weekend.