Monday, August 27, 2007


Are you from Michigan? If so, take out your "handy" MI map (for those of you not from MI, we're not nicknamed the mitten state for nothing) and look at the middle knuckle of your middle finger. That's where the Sinkis retreated for the weekend. It was only 3 days, but I feel like we were gone for days and days. I am relaxed, Jim is relaxed, we are reconnected. Sunshine and water and ice cream was enjoyed copiously.

Every so often we all run dangerously close to the "taking things for granted" line, and the weekend brought us far away from that. Sigh. It was blissful.

Willa entertaining herself on the ride up. This photo will go in the "to embarrass her later" file.

More pictures to follow.


Em said...

I'm glad you had a chance to refresh yourself. Sometimes we all need that and a reminder of how beautiful it is up north.

Jackie said...

Where did you go? I need a weekend like that. Its to stressful with school and the wedding and EVERYTHING! Excuse the errors!

Anonymous said...

so fun! good for the sinkis! you all deserve a break away. Yahoo! hgh